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Oakwood Village Police Department Citizens Academy

The Oakwood Village Police Department (OVPD) Citizens Academy is presenting classes where residents will get an inside look at Law Enforcement in Oakwood Village with a focus on educating the community about the daily life of Law Enforcement. The Citizens Academy will meet Thursday nights September 10 through October 29, 2020 from 6pm to 9:00pm. Priority will be given first to those who live and work in the Village of Oakwood, then to surrounding communities. Applications can be found here Application Form or in the lobby at Village Hall.

Tour of Facilities & Police Equipment Demo – Tour of the station along with an interactive/hands on opportunity to see police vehicles, body armor and other important Law Enforcement equipment.

Investigation Presentations – Presentation by the Detective Bureau on evidence collection and investigations. Learn about gathering prints and evidence and crime scene preservation.

Impaired Driving – Teaching of basic impaired driving investigation and shown how to perform field sobriety testing. Students will learn how blood alcohol content is calculated and how Officers determine when someone is too intoxicated to drive.

Use of Force – Teaching of use of force guidelines through classroom instruction and hands on demonstrations. Also, learn about CCW laws & liabilities and the GunSafe Program.

Traffic Enforcement – Demonstration of traffic stops and what officers look for during a stop and how they remain safe and demonstration of K9 abilities to search for drugs and apprehension of suspects.

Search & Seizures –Teaching of probable causes for lawful searches and seizures and the Fourth Amendment protections.

Virtual Training Simulator – Use of the virtual training simulator for a true-life Officer experience with handling incidents.

Ride Along – See the officers street view perspective of the Village with a 2-hour ride.

Graduation Ceremony – Graduation ceremony and reception of Achievement Certificates.