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The K-9 Unit is comprised of one K-9 and his handler.

The narcotic teams are used to check vehicles on traffic stops, odor investigations in residence halls, or assist on search warrants. The ability of these dogs to locate hidden narcotics has made them invaluable in this type of investigation.


K-9 Argo

Argo, a German Sheppard from the Czech Republic was born March 28, 2015. He is trained in Narcotics Detection, Handler Protection, Criminal Apprehension, Tracking and Building Searches. Argo is certified by the State of Ohio and nationally through the North American Police Work Dog Association. Argo loves going to work with Officer Josh Wendl to catch criminals and sniff out illegal drugs. When not on duty his favorite pastime is to play ball with Officer Wendl.


K-9 Aron E.O.W. 7-12-14

K-9 Aron was a German Shepherd born on June 10, 2006 in the Czech Republic and is certified by the State of Ohio and the North American Police Work Dog Association (NAPWDA). K-9 Aron and his partner Officer Steve Van Ness were trained to perform narcotics detections, tracking, article searches and apprehensions while patrolling Oakwood Village in search of criminals and illegal narcotics. K-9 Aron also performed demonstrations at local schools and community events to promote the message to: “Stay Drug and Violence Free”


K-9 Koda –  April 1, 2005 to September 22, 2016

K-9 Koda, an 11-year-old German Shepherd, began his career with the Oakwood Village Police Department in 2005. Imported from Holland, he received the State of Ohio and North American Police Work Dog Association certifications for narcotics, detection, aggression, control, tracking, suspect apprehension and article searches. As the first K-9 Police dog for the Village of Oakwood, K-9 Koda and his partner, then Sergeant Mark Garratt, patrolled the Village to keep the community safe and free of crime. Before K-9 Koda’s retirement in 2011, he was a hard-working professional police dog and was dedicated to the citizens of the Village of Oakwood.