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Click on the link for a copy of the OVPD Public Records Policy

Click on the link for a copy of the OVPD Retention Schedule

Click on the link for a copy of the OVPD Public Records Request Form. Not required but helpful in providing the best results for information being requested.

The following are ways in which public records may be requested:

  1. By mail to Oakwood Village Police Department, Attn: Records Custodian at 24800 Broadway Ave, Oakwood Village, OH 144146
  2. In person at the mailing address Monday-Friday 8:00am-4:00pm
  3. By email to oakwoodpolice@oakwoodpolice.org
  4. By calling 440-232-1035
  5. By faxing the request to 440-232-9028

Requesters may remain anonymous when asking for public records. Requesters DO NOT have to put their request in writing, nor do they have to state why they want the requested records.

It is helpful to the department personnel to provide as much specific details as possible to help identify the information you are seeking.

Depending on the request and how the receipt of records are to be delivered, there may be fees for providing copies/reproductions of the requested records. Cost and fees represent the actual cost. The actual cost means the cost of depleted supplies, records storage media costs, actual mailing/delivery costs, or other transmitting costs, and any direct equipment operating and maintenance costs, including actual costs paid to private contractors for copying services.